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 MAGIX 3D Maker 6.06

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PostSubject: MAGIX 3D Maker 6.06   Wed Apr 01, 2009 9:50 pm

MAGIX 3D Maker creates high-quality 3D graphics in just a few seconds.
A number of premade designs in different styles and interactive editing
with easy, intuitive tools are provided to help you produce effective
results quickly.Design captions and titles, logos and buttons, posters
and signs.Any animation you make can also be saved as a unique 3D
Everything you need for 3D graphics
> Choose from over 1,000 objects, surface textures, and fonts, plus
100 animations and styles. Use MAGIX 3D Maker to transform simple text
and graphics templates into professional logos, titles, captions, and
buttons. Enrich your websites, emails, and presentations!
> Create impressive 3D animations in a flash as GIFs, AVIs, or
simple Flash movie sequences. You can also bring your desktop to life
by saving animations as screensavers!

Ideal for:
- Slideshows movie programs
- Web design
- Presentations layouts

Web design for any situation
Ideal for quick design of high-quality, exciting logos for the
Internet: Pep up your websites with homemade buttons, logos, and
graphics for your personal homepage, eBay pages, community profiles
like MySpace, etc., and much more!

Design and import
> Import text and graphics and arrange it all easily the way you
want, for example as super or subscript. You can also add line breaks,
tracking, and kerning for individual characters or change complete
> Use the included design tools to transform text however you want into 3D logos or animated titles - even automatically.

Individually adjust depth
The convenient interface allows you to individually set the depth of a
3D graphic (extrusion depth). Just click the image and drag out with
the mouse to create the 3D effect you want for your text or graphic.

3D positioning
Just drag the image with the mouse to easily position the text.
Alignment uses three axes and enables the image to be set in any
position to make the effect as realistic as possible.

Select text areas individually
Dynamic attributes like edges, colors, fonts, textures, animations, and
other text settings can be applied separately to different parts of
your text.

Interactive, easy-to-use lighting controls
Freely movable arrows help you determine the direction of the light
source on the object.Light sources can be adjusted simply by clicking
on them, creating the illusion of realistic illumination.

Comfortable shadow settings
The intuitive user interface allows feathering, transparency, and the coloring of shadows to be changed comfortably and easily.

> The animation selection tool lets you easily add life to entire
sections of text or selected objects, for example with rotation, in and
out fades, pulsing, and swinging. The number of the images per
sequence, direction of rotation, speed, pauses, and number of
repetitions can also be determined with the help of easy controls.
> The integrated animation timeline also enables selection of
individual images and pauses.You can also rotate the text and the light
> Your own animated texts or graphics can now be integrated with
your website or presented with other media and even used as animated

Export your results
> The 3D title effects created with MAGIX 3D Maker can be inserted
directly into any current MAGIX Video and Slideshow product.
> After youve customized text and graphics the way you want and
added animations or effects, export the results with just a single
click. This file can then be imported into any MAGIX product via drag
drop. The animation you created will be automatically inserted into the
desired project, e.g. as a dynamic title animation or as a lively
special effect for your homemade intros, chapter captions, end credits,
and more!

Supported programs:
- Photos on CD DVD (version 6.5, or higher)
- Movies on DVD (version 7, or higher)
- Movie Edit Pro (version 2007/2008, or higher)
- Movies2go (version 3, or higher)
- Photos Videos easy (version 3, or higher)

Export formats
> Exports as JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG (including full PNG alpha channel),
ICO (Icon), CUR (Cursor), animated GIF, AVI, SWF (vector and bitmap),
and CFX
> Import 2D graphics to create high-quality 3D graphics as Windows
meta files (WMF and EMF) or CorelXARA/Webster files (XAR and WEB)

- Optimal: Export 3D titles with transparent backgrounds for perfect embedding and underlay of your photos and videos
- Unlimited restore options enable uncomplicated experimentation
- A total of 27 different edge types with different edge angles
- Present your graphics and texts perfectly on-screen thanks to complete edge smoothing (anti-aliasing)
- Flexible control over colors and/or texture of every area of the
image, and background textures can also be scaled, rotated, and colored
- Images can be displayed as front and rear sides or made hollow.
- Create images matte or with shine
- Animate any TrueType font or 3D shape
- Real-time calculation of shadows, borders, textures, and space



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MAGIX 3D Maker 6.06
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